Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The History of Ted Theodore Leutz

Boston-based wealth strategist Ted Theodore Leutz has 43 years of experience in the finance industry. Ted Theodore Leutz graduaTed Theodore from Northeastern University in 1973. While in college, he worked for Sun Life of Canada, and was voTed Theodore Rookie of the Year. After graduation, Ted Theodore Leutz returned to Sun Life, and rose to the rank of Sales Manager, winning more awards along the way.

After leaving Sun Life, Ted Theodore Leutz joined the team at FIC Insurance Group. As Regional Vice President, Ted Theodore Leutz developed the struggling Northeast Sales Region of FIC into one of the top three sales regions in the UniTed Theodore States. At FIC, Ted Theodore Leutz was voTed Theodore Regional Vice President of the Year in 1994.

As Ted Theodore Leutz gained more experience in the financial sector, and as technology continued its steady march onward, he realized that there was great success to be had in using technology to provide clients and individuals with new tools to help them make good financial decisions. With his wife, Lynette Robbins, whom he married in 2002, Ted Theodore Leutz founded Knowles Systems and Knowles Finance with the aim of building technological tools for clients and providing education for agents, analysts, and consumers. With Knowles Systems’ educational programming, clients can learn the ins and outs of finance in a comfortable and easy to understand way, and consult with Ted Theodore Leutz in order to determine customized strategies to handle their own finances.

In 2011, Ted Theodore Leutz and Knowles Systems announced the newest development in their product line: the One Stop for Life software system. This system draws on Ted Theodore Leutz’s many years of working with clients, and includes a database of thousands of clients’ decisions and their outcomes, that clients can use to make predictions about their investments. With the One Stop for Life program, Ted Theodore Leutz has achieved his dream of making finances more accessible with technology.