Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ted Theodore Leutz Uses LinkedIn To Network

It was already clear from Ted Theodore Leutz’s investment in providing technological financial analysis solutions to client that he understands the power of the internet and access to information. That’s why he uses LinkedIn to network. Something like “the grown-up Facebook,” LinkedIn is a professional networking website that allows individuals to create profiles and connect with people that they know professionally, sharing their experience and background. It also allows clients to form a professional picture of an individual whose services they might use.

Ted Theodore Leutz uses his LinkedIn account to network with other business professionals, as does his wife, Lynette Robbins. Ted Theodore Leutz lists his educational background, and briefly describes his career and professional accomplishments. In addition, visitors to Ted Theodore Leutz’s profile can see that he is a member of a number of professional groups, many of which are validaTed Theodore to provide extra reassurance. These groups include Insurance Agent Development Group, Linked Local Boston, and Life Insurance Success Forum.

Visitors to Ted Theodore Leutz’s LinkedIn page can see his 500-plus connections to other professionals, and discover if they travel in the same professional circles as Ted Theodore Leutz. They can visit his personal blog via a link on his profile, or look into his professional work via a link to the Knowles Systems and Knowles Financial pages. They can also get a more personal view of Ted Theodore Leutz, who lists on his LinkedIn that he enjoys drumming and percussion, golf, boating, and travel.

Through his use of LinkedIn, Ted Theodore Leutz makes it clear that he has stayed in touch with the most recent technologies and social networking opportunities, and has a deep network of clients and colleagues to call on. Ted Theodore Leutz’s LinkedIn profile is a great example of the way the site can be used to exhibit an individual’s professional accomplishments.